Code Word Archive

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To thwart censorship on online platforms, many people have created code words to communicate sensitive topics. As a result, people have become metaphorical poets, deciphering each other’s codes, causing some words to lose their original meanings, and some words to disappear. Code Word Archive imagines a future where there is no longer a censorship mechanism, and the cryptic text of the past becomes a document of future human archaeology. A dictionary and videos become tools for deciphering poetic ciphers, tracing the taboos, and collecting memories of a period of online censorship.

Tiny Treasures, Big Impression

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Cylinder seals were first used in Mesopotamia to serve as a means of ownership or identification. They were rolled onto clay tablets to record information and are typically less than an inch in height.

This webpage features a collection of ten seals, arranged in order from smallest to largest, to appeal to history and heritage enthusiasts interested in learning about different cultures. The design elements of the webpage were inspired by the rotational movement of the seals.

Prejudice Machine

Interaction Design | Future Design | Application | Modeling


In the trial production of a product, designers typically subjectively judge color differences and make repeated adjustments. Even though they are aware that this process results in constant waste, they believe it is necessary for the exercise of aesthetic power.

To help designers reflect on their prejudice towards aesthetics, I envisage improving their current decision-making methods by introducing algorithms into the design process to enable more accurate color output and simulation. At the same time, monitoring changes in external conditions in post-production to reduce colour variations during production that avoid wasting resources and improve environmental problems.

After the color and material of the product are generated in the application, the formula will be directly input into the machine for production. As the evolution of human-computer interaction may be the only way to dispel designers' arrogance towards aesthetic power, it raises the question of how designers can balance the exercise of aesthetic power at work when machines are capable of making more accurate judgments in the future.

Sweet Notepad

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Material: PE Reflective Paper | LED Display

Human emotions are manifested, recorded, and eventually integrated into self-examination and personal growth through various forms of media.

The installation, which uses ambient lighting and plastic pipes connected to mood portrayal pictures and installations, creates a dreamy and romantic atmosphere. The LED lights in the device carry the Sweet Note, with words scrolling up, providing energy for the Screen Flower's continuous growth. The installation aims to convey that despite the advancement of technology, human emotions will always surpass the medium.

Dragon Spine

Publication Design | Infographic | Illustration

Fold: 8.2in*5.8in
Spread: 8.2in*58.2in

The high prevalence of scoliosis in China is a consequence of the heavy academic stress of the Chinese education system. In order to criticize the alienation of knowledge acquisition in this system, I produced an experimental publication with the theme of a knowledge acquisition certificate. I used the illustration of a bent spine to depict the distorted way of acquiring knowledge in the system I grew up in. Through re-examining the visual memory of the group, I created an absurd visual impact that satirizes the concept of “Descendants of the Dragon.”